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Experience In Bloom: Photographs by artist Alina Gozin'a

The co-owners of 5 Martin Place, Dexus and Cbus Property, are proud to welcome In Bloom – a stunning photographic lightbox installation of spring flowers by internationally acclaimed photographer, director and artist Alina Gozin'a.

'I've shot these flowers the way I shoot notable people, using the same technique and approach, bathing the subject in intricate studio light, capturing the intimate details and the soul of these stunning natural wonders at that moment in time.' – Alina Gozin’a 

Customers can immerse themselves in this large-scale art installation and spend time enthralling in the visual feast that is Alina's intense and evocative photographic style. Her technique is captivating, especially as she has trailed light and dark background options, providing different contrasts to the same floral species so that the viewer may contemplate the flowers in two very opposing ways.   


In Bloom showcases Alina's signature style which she created for her solo exhibition The Doormen of New York City, her first lightbox installation exhibition in Australia in November 2017.

The artwork will be on display from November 12–23 in the northern gallery of 5 Martin Place.

For artwork acquisition, please contact Emma Chappell. For commercial bookings please contact Tim Berriman. Alina is represented by Flint productions and Wentworth Galleries. To see more work by Alina please visit her website. Special thanks to all production collaborators for In Bloom: Pixalux, We Are The Free, Sun Studios, Alt and Emergent Designs

Visit the In Bloom photographic exhibition and experience the unique artwork technique in the 5 Martin Place foyer this November. 

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